About Me

Why should anybody care?

I don’t always have a fan blowing through my hair, but I pretty much look like this.

That’s the one question I keep trying to answer. I used to think it only applied to journalism, but now I believe it applies to all forms of communication, be it PR, advertising, art, and whatever else involves an audience.

My name is Olivia Collette. I’m a journalist and communicator who writes in both English and French. I also speak some Spanish, Italian and German. I use this space to blog and to flaunt my portfolio.

You can see some of my work on the homepage, or you can go to the different sections of this site to view specific items. Wanna see some of my articles and interviews? Go to Journalism. Wanna read what I wrote for a famous film critic? Click on Pieces for Roger Ebert. Wanna see some of my ad and PR stuff? Check out Marketing. Wanna know what kind of ad concepts I come up with on my own? Visit Fake Ads. Hope you enjoy.