“Now I’m the foreigner” moment #3: What’s the rush?

Before coming to Torrevieja, I’d heard about “Spanish Time,” but I didn’t appreciate the full sense of the thing until I had to mail a simple letter. Sure, you could call it inefficiency, but the Spanish like to think of it as patience. I suppose it’s not for me, an American, to decide.

Meantime, here’s a rough translation of some common time measurements.

“Tomorrow” = In a few days.

“In a few days” = More like a week, maybe even a week and a half; let me check with my supervisor tomorrow (see “tomorrow”).

“1 week” = 2 weeks.

“1 month” = It might get lost. Better aim for 1 week (see “1 week”).

“I’ve got a tight deadline” = This isn’t going to get done before siesta, so you might as well siesta and come back.

Bless ’em.

Then again, this view doesn't exactly make me want to get stuff done either.

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