Roger Ebert prefers newspapers

To elaborate on the thought I started here, I thought I’d add some insights I recently found on Roger Ebert’s blog. Check it out.

As usual, Roger Ebert puts it more brilliantly than I could. Then again, he’s Roger Ebert. Here, he tells us how he’s rediscovered the pleasure of reading newspapers, and why he’s now up to 4 dailies. He explains how complex the online news experience can be, even with popular hubs like the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, he also finds reading newspapers to be faster.

A note on Roger Ebert. For a few years now, he hasn’t spoken a word as a result of numerous surgeries related to thyroid cancer, including a tracheostomy. His spot on Ebert & Roeper was subsequently taken over by a variety of humble guest critics until the show ended last year. Oddly enough, his ordeal has strengthened his writing. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always enjoyed reading his reviews online: they’re a Friday morning delight! But his physical voicelessness seems to have made his writing voice a little more robust. Writing is his only means of reflection right now. It’s the only way he can communicate at all, and he just keeps getting better at it. What an amazing tale of resilience. When great gets better, it’s always inspiring.

That said, before you decide to watch any movie, read the Ebert review. You may not agree with what he has to say, and maybe you wouldn’t see the movie anyway. But your life will be richer for having read it.

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