Basketeers Help Give Women a Fresh Start

Originally published in the Montreal Gazette on November 22, 2014. Photo by Marie-France Coallier.

“Ever wonder what belongings a woman has when she leaves a shelter?Usually, nothing but the clothes on her back and whatever’s in her bag … if she has a bag. That means that when she moves into a new place, it’s unlikely she’ll have a bed, a chair or cookware. This harsh truth inspired Montrealer Rachel Auclair to get involved with an organization called the Basketeers while studying in Ottawa. There are Basketeers chapters across Canada, offering something special for women who are just getting out of shelters. These baskets — usually laundry baskets — are filled with new wares for a person who is starting fresh: plates, utensils, a coffee maker, pots and pans, and so forth.”


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