Quinze40: Shopping streets are more pleasant than big complexes

Originally published in the Montreal Gazette on May 22, 2015. Image courtesy of Carbonleo.

“Carbonleo has defended its renderings, and said that Royalmount will not be a carbon copy of Dix30. But there are glaring similarities between the two. For one, they’re functionally alike: all four million square feet of Royalmount will be exclusive to commercial use, with no residential zoning. It will be far to get to, even for those who live in nearby neighbourhoods. Despite a footbridge connecting de la Savane métro to the shopping district, the lengthy walk over the Décarie Expressway and into the wide spaces of the site doesn’t scream “pedestrian friendliness.” And with 8,000 parking spots — only 2,000 fewer than what’s offered at Dix30 — it’s reasonable to infer that the area, located next to two of Montreal’s busiest highways, was designed with car use in mind.”

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