Making room

After being in a relationship with the same person for 2 years, your options are reduced to one of two potential next steps: move in, or get out. The boyfriend unit and myself took a leap and went for the former. Most women would relish the opportunity, I’m told. As for me, I’m kind of freaking out. Well, only mildly. It’s just the shift that scares me. I’ve been living alone for so long, it’s normal that the idea of sharing space makes me panic a little. Isn’t it?… Isn’t it?

Pointless fear notwithstanding, I’m still going forth and giving it a shot. And I’m going all the way with it. Today, I’m going through every room and removing things I don’t need anymore. I’m a pack-rat, so this was a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to throw out a bunch of crap to begin with, but making room for my partner is probably the best reason ever. There’s a certain level of significance to the exercise. Making room for someone is difficult for someone like me. I’m not the kind of gal who was ever in a rush to get hitched and make babies. Even when I played pretend as a young girl, my character always had an important career. Not that relationships came second. It’s just that I never felt the need to stay in a relationship for fear that I’d die a spinster. Then, two years ago, I suppose I got lucky.

So now, I’m making room for the guy. Not that he has a lot of stuff to bring with him. A backpack full of clothes. A computer that’ll fit nicely on the desk that I no longer use because i-Technicians broke my iBook. And his sense of humour.

I’m actually making more room than he needs, but I guess that’s just my way of planning ahead. I don’t think he’ll be filling up my drawers with stuff. It’s somewhat allegorical. I have to create plenty of space for the new life. I need to clean the slate as much as possible. I can’t erase anything, but I guess this is just me keeping only what I need to move ahead. It’s not a new life, necessarily, it’s more like a new way of moving through it.

In other news, David Caruso over-exaggerates a pause tonight at 10pm (9pm central).

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