We’re life-ing

Lately, I was describing my experience of moving in with the boyfriend unit to a colleague. In my spiel, I got to this point where I couldn’t quite find the word for what was happening. To which she contributed, “you’re life-ing.”

What a wonderful way to put it. That’s exactly what’s happening. We’re life-ing. And here are the telltale signs.

  1. You start getting new furniture and appliances after living together for, like, 5 seconds.
  2. You talk about the furniture and appliances that you can’t get right now, but plan to in the future.
  3. You also talk about the bigger place you’re going to get after living together for, like, 1 day.
  4. You’d rather cuddle up to TV on a Friday night than go out with your friends.
  5. You start tag-teaming things like housework, groceries and naps.
  6. Watch for more high-fives.

Incidentally, here’s how to know for sure you’ve just moved in with a boy.

  1. Your TV gets bigger, almost immediately.
  2. If you didn’t have cable TV, you get it. If you had cable TV, you get a satellite dish.
  3. Every plug in the wall is attached to a power bar, and the mass of electrical wires lining the floor quadruples.
  4. There’s meat in the fridge. Always.
  5. You try to work bottle caps into your interior design concept.

This is the life.


  1. I think my man isn’t all that many cause, ever since I moved in :

    1. We got rid of the TV
    1…We got rid of the TV…
    2. We don’t have any high tech equipment to plug onto a power bar…our radio is a 1986 cassette boombox and our phone is a rotary phone
    4. He’s been feeding mock chicken and bean salads down my throat
    5…But yeah beer caps, a fixture…

    1. There are two possible reasons for this. 1) He’s an alien. 2) He’s an alien. The good news is, the bottle caps indicate that he’s a very male alien…

  2. Force feeding me or forcing down my throat…that’s what I meant….you know, about the mock chicken bit…I can’t write AND think at the same time!

    And yeah, he might be an alien, or a closeted stepford wife (he gets up on the week-end to vacuum the apartment, loves down laundry…and goes as far as folding boxers…)… I, on the other hand, wish there was always meat in the fridge.

    Go figure!
    Ps. You’re an amazing writer.

  3. LOL! That’s okay, I knew what you meant.

    And if ever you need to remember what it’s like to have meat in the fridge (and the freezer, and possibly lodged in a sandwich on the counter), just drop in 😉

  4. Hi,
    Your writing is fascinating and you really should write a book! I believe I may know your boyfriend, we lived together for 16 years………. I wish you both well and all the happiness that love can bring….

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