The lighter side of unemployment

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve received tons of warm wishes from people who are either unemployed, or trying hard not to be. When the conversation ends, I end up comforting them, stressing that “things really are okay.” (That said, thanks for the warmth. It’s cozy when it comes from friends).

But seriously, I’m really very okay with it all.

True, there’s a bit of a grieving period at first, and this guy has great tips for dealing with the newly unemployed lifestyle. As he points out, don’t waste any time. It’s okay to be a little down, but this is when you want to get your stuff together, because your brain’s still working even though you’re feeling a little anti-social. So I updated my résumé, my portfolio, and any other online profile. Then Easter weekend arrived. I had myself a wicked party, and when it was over, so was the grieving.

In the last week, I networked the old-fashioned way: by getting in touch with people in a sincere, customized way, without the help of Twitter. The response has been good so far. And very importantly, I’ve launched a few artistic projects that are set to blossom in autumn. One is an exhibit that I’m co-producing with a friend. The other is a series of webisodes that I’m co-writing and co-directing.

Perhaps I should be more focused on finding full-time work, but I’ve always preferred freelancing anyhow. And in this financially compromised era, I guess I feel that if I don’t fulfill some of my artistic pursuits now, I certainly won’t have the time when the economy picks up.

For now, I’ve posted the above picture, an example of my growing collection of Lomography, as an appetizer. Stay tuned for more bonafide Olivia goodness.

And Deri: thanks for reading!


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