Mustang muscle

Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company’s head of social networking, took the time to read my rather lengthy blog entry on new marketing, and responded…twice!

I don’t know how Scott Monty came across my rinky-dink blog, or why he read it, but he did, and was kind enough to leave some constructive thoughts to boot. As I said before, I like a Mom ‘n’ Pop shop. Perhaps proving his point rather than mine, I felt I should at least give the Monty a richly deserved nod.

I’ve never really thought about buying a Ford, or any car (living  in Montreal will do that), but if I did, I’d definitely want this one.

Do they come in a hybrid?

p.s. I have no idea how Scott Monty does it, but he’s everywhere! He’s the new Santa Claus.

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