We’re jammin’

Okay, so I caved. Wanna fight about it?

I’m the editor of this website that I won’t mention here. When I took the job, I looked forward to a return to long copy; something that gets put away when you work in advertising for 3 years. But the thing is, I’m out of practice. I’m rusty. In fact, I’m a little corroded. So my colleague, who’s a brilliant writer himself, suggested I start blogging. “Irk,” I said. “The last thing I want to do is share anything that I personally think with the web.” Then I thought about it, and in fact, that’s precisely what I want to do. I do want people to care what I think, and I want them to think that what I think is something anyone should care about. And I want them to tell all their friends to care about what I think because it’s worth caring about! Maybe even a little more so than what other people think…(but only a little; I’m not that vain.)

Also, it’ll help get me back into a writing groove. So here goes.


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